Greece gets into full lockdown mode until November 30: What you need to know

Greece gets into full lockdown mode until November 30: What you need to know

Starting at 6 am November 7 morning until 30 November, all Greek citizens and foreign residents can leave home only for a few specific chores, or risk a 150-euro fine. We’ve outlined what you need to do but for more details please visit

  1. You will need to send an SMS to step out.
  2. Curfew to move from 9 pm to 5 am
  3. Retail to shut down

What you need to know before you step out of home.

Going to work: If you leave home to go to work, you will need to fill Document A and carry the same document for the period of the lockdown along with a valid identity card. It needs to be signed and stamped by your employer with details of the company address and the employees’ residential address.

Other specific exemptions to the lockdown:

You will need to fill Document B to leave home (download it from or sign a blank sheet of paper stating your reason to step out or by sending a text message to 13033 highlighting the numbers that correspond to the specific reasons.

  1. Doctor’s visits or visit to pharmacies
  2. Shopping for basic necessities
  3. Banks (for non-online operations only)
  4. To attend social events such as funerals, weddings etc at specific hours outlined by the Government directive
  5. Leaving home to provide assistance to family members, especially the elderly and children,
  6. Going out for exercise – solitary or in pairs and walking dogs and feeding strays.

All vehicles can only have two passengers aboard: The Driver + 1 co-passenger

All children’s parks, marinas etc to remain closed.

Supermarkets, bakeries, deliveries and take-aways, pharmacies, municipalities as well as all civic services such as garbage collection to continue.

Airports to remain open, but with reduced flight services. Please check with your airline or travel agent before flying.

Ferries to remain idle in port. No trips to islands allowed.

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