Victoria Hislop champions Greece

Victoria Hislop champions Greece

Victoria Hislop

Arguably Greece’s most ardent literary ambassador, Victoria Hislop sets her latest novel in Greece, this time delving into Greece’s recent turbulent past, tracing Themis’ family saga through the Occupation, Civil War, and the junta.

In Those Who Are Loved, a 480-page novel, Victoria Hislop sheds light on the complexity of Greece’s traumatic past and weaves it into the dynamic tale of a woman who is both hero and villain, and her lifelong fight for justice. Themis is part of a family bitterly divided by politics and, as a young woman, her fury with those who have collaborated with the
Nazis, drives her to fight for the communists. She is eventually imprisoned on the notorious islands of exile, Makronisos and Trikeri, and has to make a life or death decision. She is proud of having fought, but for the rest of her life is haunted by some of her actions. Forty years after the end of the civil war, she finally achieves catharsis.

Those Who Are Loved, published by Headline, 2019.

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