Tales of Tools at the Benaki

Tales of Tools at the Benaki

What: Tales of Tools presents a large collection of predominantly Greek but also European traditional wood-carved tools that showcases the untold narrative of wooden handiwork implements used in spinning, sewing, knitting and embroidery. Featuring an ensemble of pastoral wood-carved implements, some of which were produced in Greek prisons at the end of the 19th century alongside intricately carved kaltsovelones’ (knitting sheaths) and spinning instruments, the exhibition aims to transmit a positive and optimistic message to the discipline of applied arts.

The exhibition will be accompanied by extensive photographic documentation and the book TALES OF TOOLS: The Untold Narrative of Wooden Handiwork Implements from Greece by Flavia Nessi Yazitzoglou.

When: Until September 3, 2023

Where: Benaki Museum, Koumbari1, Athens. benaki.org

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