My Athens: Nassos Ntotsikas

My Athens: Nassos Ntotsikas

Designer, Nassos Ntotsikas, whose wearable-off-the-catwalk knitwear creations are a must-have this autumn, believes in Athens’ creative nature, but stays true to his Chios roots.

What do you do?

I am a fashion designer, specialized in knitwear and I run my own label the last 2.5 years.

What are your creative inspirations?

It varies… It can be an interesting book, a theatrical play, a photo, a journey… But at the core is always the woman as I ideally have her image in my mind!

Why knitwear?

Because knitwear for me is a way of escaping and expressing myself.

Your creations are aimed at:

Sophisticated and elegant women with a strong personality

The one thing that you always pack in your suitcase?

Books, music and my pencils.

Why did you choose to come back to Athens?

I never really left…

Which area of Athens do you live in and what do you see from your balcony?

Lykovrisi, where I see a friendly and quiet neighbourhood!

Athens to me is….

A creative chaos!

The most endearing and most annoying quality of Athenians?

Endearing: Their feeling of solidarity in a crisis

Annoying: their habit of doing everything at the last minute!

Can you describe a quintessentially Athenian sound, smell, taste and sight?

Whenever I am at Acropolis, thousands of feelings flooding me that I can’t describe them in few words.

With the crisis, has Athens now become a creative hub?

Athens always was a creative hub but during the crisis, more people have become creative.

Your island of choice:

Chios, where I come from!

A perfect day on the island starts with… and ends with:

It starts with Greek coffee at Mesta village and continues at Mavra Volia beach and ends with a stroll at Chios Hora enjoying a perfect Kronos ice cream!

A restaurant or bar in Athens you’d highly recommend:

‘Armolia’ restaurant at Chalandri, specialized in Chios cuisine.

What would you take back from Greece as a gift for friends and family?

Mastiha and Pixari liquer from Chios.

Which Greek designer/s do you most admire?

Loukia, Rita Attala, Celebrity Skin, Angelos Frentzos

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