Leonardo Da Vinci – 500 years of Genius

Leonardo Da Vinci – 500 years of Genius

Leonardo Da Vinci

WHAT: An immersive, four-month exhibition celebrating the genius of Leonardo da Vinci

To write a book about Leonardo da Vinci without once using the word ‘genius’ would be a feat worthy of the French author Georges Perec, who contrived to write a book without using the letter e,” the biographer of the Italian Renaissance artist, Charles Nicholl, argued.

Now the exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci: 500 years of Genius” offers a journey into the spirit of the Italian artist. Athenians can plunge into the brain, heart and soul of a 15th-century man who would circle his multiple interests like a predator, along with his ideas, his lucid observations and bright achievements. An exceptional painter, sculptor, engineer, biologist, inventor, musician, architect and a philosopher, the four-month exhibition at the old OSY Train Depot in central Athens, is an immersive audio-visual experience developed with the assistance of the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Rome and the Lumiere Technology Institute in Paris. On display are 75 models of da Vinci’s ground-breaking inventions, natural reproductions, interactive machines, copies of his famous codices, and more than 200 exhibits from the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Rome.

WHEN: November 30, 2018 to March 30, 2019

Monday to Friday (13.30 to 23.00) and Saturday (10.00 to 23.00).

Admission is €15 for adults; €12 for children.

WHERE: OSY Train Depot, Pireos and Ermou 105 53, Gazi, Tel. +30 210 427 0638.

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