Joan Leigh Fermor: More than A Muse

Joan Leigh Fermor: More than A Muse

Joan Leigh Fermor at the Benaki Museum

A compelling exhibition at the Benaki Museum pieces together a powerful portrait of Joan Leigh Fermor, long overshadowed by her singularly talented husband Paddy, as a talented professional photographer. The exhibition curates vivid vignettes from the places and people Joan loved.

United by art, Joan and Paddy Leigh Fermor found love in Greece. As they traveled across the country, Joan Leigh Fermor photographed the people and places she discovered before settling with her husband in a Peloponnesian home, in Kardamyli where Bruce Chatwin wrote The Songlines, which was later entrusted to the Benaki Museum. The exhibition, “Joan Leigh Fermor: Artist and Lover”, takes visitors on a photographic journey through the lives of the Fermors and offers a rare insight into the life of a brilliant, brainy beauty, whose reputation as a photographer, tabloid topic, society darling and sexual adventures matched her husband’s own reputation every step of the way.

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WHEN: Until October 21

WHERE: Benaki Museum

1 Koumbari St. & Vas. Sofias Ave., Athens Tel: +30 210 367 1000,

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