Fortress of Solitude

Fortress of Solitude

Mike Kelley's Fortress of Solitude at NEON

WHAT: Homelessness in all its spiritual and psychological forms is the theme of this evocative monographic exhibition by Mike Kelley, an influential commentator on American class and popular culture. Kelley sought to explore how we constantly attempt to create ourselves from our unreliable and unstable memories of our own past. Curated by Douglas Fogle, Fortress of Solitude brings together a range of seminal works from across the American artist’s career (1954-2012) in order to reflect on the uncanny psychological homelessness of the contemporary world.

WHEN: November 16-February 25

WHERE: NEON at the Museum of Cycladic Art

Stathatos Mansion, Vasilissis Sofias ave. & 1, Irodotou St,

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