Celebrities Loving on Greece

Celebrities Loving on Greece

From Russell Crowe to J-Lo, it seems like everyone’s batting for Team Greece these days. In celebration of Oxi Day, Insider rounds up a collection of uplifting pro-Greece sentiments from some of the world’s most famous and high-profile peeps.

Leonardo Di Caprio

“Greece left me breathless. Greece is for sure one of the most beautiful places I have been. The islands are amazing and there’s also the combination of great food, history and the discovery of culture that originates from Ancient Greece. When you’re in Greece, the flavours come alive and they take you on a dream trip.”

Russell Crowe

“How is it that I’ve lived 49 years on this planet but never been to the Greek Islands before. So beautiful. Yassu Mykonos I will return.”

Hugh Jackman

“Two generations ago the name of my family was Bellas, and I feel that I am a Greek by blood.”

Jennifer Lopez

‘If I was the prime minister of Greece, I would make all possible investments and efforts in tourism! Greece is the most beautiful country and that’s enough to overcome any crisis!”

Vanessa Redgrave

(with regards to the refugee crisis) “Greeks have shown the world what it means to be brave and compassionate.”

Steven Spielberg

“It is an ancient country with great people and I am very proud to go there a lot.”

And here’s what some of our high-profile Insiders had to say about Greece:

Victoria Hislop (author of The Island)

“Crete makes me profoundly happy, in a way that no other place does. I will always be inspired by Greece and I think this inspiration comes from all the things that surprise me in Greece.”

Christopher Bollen (author of The Destroyers)

“Greece has such fundamental beauty with the simplest palette that it doesn’t need to over-decorate at all. And I do feel like there’s a weird psychological vibration in Greece. It really makes you feel connected to civilization.  Whenever I go to Greece, I feel like I’ve stripped down to some kind of pure living and I love it.”

Alain LeFevre (acclaimed Canadian concert pianist)

‘When I am in Greece, I am in contact with something that inspires me. The Greek spirit is something else.”

Michael Landy (British artist: “The Man Who Destroyed his Belongings”)

“When you arrive in Athens, the energy feels really good, really creative. There is a real sense of freedom here. That’s what I really like. That and the great vibe.”

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