6 pet-friendly bars and restaurants in Athens

6 pet-friendly bars and restaurants in Athens

Pet-friendly establishments that actively encourage you to socialize with your pet were few and far between in the city. That is changing now with a few pet-loving restaurateurs urging you to bring your cute little furry friend in tow. Athens Insider lists the best bars and restaurants to paint the town red with your four-legged companion right by your feet, or even right next to you, at the table!

  • Burger Joint – A classic for many Athenians with incredible burgers, and the only place where your dog can sit right next to you and enjoy a specialized meal for him/her in their own bowl. There are special dog treats, even when you order in a meal! https://www.burgerjoint.gr/en/

    Burger Joint’s menu offers tempting treats for your pet!

  • BlePapagalos – Brightly coloured, polite people, with impeccable hospitality for our furry friends. Go for a coffee and a retro photo-shoot! https://web.facebook.com/BlePapagalos/?_rdc=1&_rdr

Ble Papagalos, Pangrati is a welcome haven for pets

  • Bartesera – in Kolokotronis, a beautiful place that shows special love to your pets and even takes care of the neighbourhood strays. https://web.facebook.com/bartesera/?_rdc=1&_rdr

Bartesera has its regular string of four-legged mascots to add to its pet appeal! This is Constantine, a veteran Syntagma stray who has been coming to Bartesera for many years. He is apparently 20 years old (!), and has now finally swapped Athens’ streets for a real home.

  • Rantevou – an authentic taverna in Petralona’s bustling square serves delicious Greek mezes and welcome dogs of all shapes and sizes. https://rantevou.cityofathens.gr/

Rantevou encourages pets to accompany their human friends ©Margarita Kalogeropoulou

  • Chelsea Hotel – Described by pet-owners as the most dog-friendly bar in Athens, its atmosphere is cosy and the staff extremely friendly. https://el-gr.facebook.com/pages/Hotel-Chelsea/423670701079639

Pets know that they are the real stars here, at Chelsea Hotel ©Elena Baka

  • Six d.o.g.s – Discover this secret garden in Monastiraki with your pet while enjoying the wide range of food and drinks. The image below is pre-Covid, but you get the drift! https://sixdogs.gr/

Pets give you cooler cred with the hipster bunch at six d.o.g.s ©The Boho Guide

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