1904 Holiday Snaps

1904 Holiday Snaps

WHAT: If you thought taking snaps of your vacation was an activity new in the 21st century, the Benaki’s most recent collection, 1904 Holiday Snaps, might cause you to think again. British photographer Alexander Lamont Henderson did it before it was trendy in the early 1900s, and captured the social life of everyday Athenians as well as scenes from Piraeus, Chania, and Patras. Instead of the newest iPhone and amusing filters, Lamont’s photos are on glass lantern slides and treasured for their immaculate chemical development and breathtaking scenes of royal palaces, street vendors, and everything in between.

WHEN: Until May 4

WHERE: Benaki Museum/Ghika Gallery

3 Kriezotou Street, +30 210.363.0818, www.benaki.gr

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