Ziya Azazi’s “Dervish”

Ziya Azazi’s “Dervish”

Ziya Azazi Dervish

WHAT: A bonafide whirling dervish is a rare phenomenon. Don’t miss the chance to see an entire ensemble of them perform live this month. The Turkish choreographer has combined his two previous works “Dervish in Progress” and “Azab” into one performance inspired by Islamic mysticism and the Mevlevi order. In addition, Azazi will hold seminars on his work at the Oriental Expression Studio.

WHEN: October 22, 9 pm

WHERE: Pallas Theatre

To purchase tickets visit here. To reserve a class spot call Tel: +30 210.321.3100. 5 Voukourestiou, Syntagma, Tel: +30 210.321.3100

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