Where to get your Vietnamese fix in Athens

Where to get your Vietnamese fix in Athens

Vietnamese shrimp soup

Looking for a world-class bowl of pho or Gỏi cuốn? With Athens’ giddy food revolution in overdrive, we sample the most eligible Vietnamese outpost to sate your cravings for sunnier, spicier cooking – Madame Phu Man Chu.

A Vietnamese restaurant that manages to capture the magic of its rather original name, serving up a small but intriguing selection of wine-friendly snacks and small plates in a convivial space that attracts countless neighbourhood regulars and tourists, since its opening this February. Chef Vu Dinh Hung (who sports a hollowed-out pomelo as a hat) with restaurateurs Luc Lejeune and Constantinos Zouganellis have taken up residence in a charming dwelling on Praxitelous Street in downtown Athens.

Vietnamese Food

Lovers of top-notch Vietnamese cuisine will find much to delight their palate on a menu which champions fulsome flavours from southeast Asia through a repertoire of succulent beef skewers, mussels, crispy spring rolls and pan-fried fish. Try to snare a table by arriving early as the restaurant has limited capacity, but its owners hope to expand to 40 seats by spring.

Vietnamese Food Banh Beo

Skouleniou 4 and Praxitelous, Athens. Tel:  210 323 1366 (map)

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