The Kitchen Anarchist

The Kitchen Anarchist

La Pantera Negra screams rebellion. And defies definition. Everything from the bold neon sign that shrieks «I do not give a f*&k» to the explosion of flavours that Chef Dimitris Katrivesis’ itinerant cuisine provokes, La Pantera Negra is an original, animated addition to the Athenian foodscape.

With an almost guerilla like approach to his cuisine, Dimitris Katrivesis describes his restaurant as ‘a bistro with a rock touch that combines Japanese yin with Peruvian yang’. A culinary nomad, his inspiration comes from his years of living and travelling around Spain, Peru and Japan. “I love travelling and getting to know cultures and people through their relationship with food.” That sense of connecting people and their energies through soul food is the vibe one gets at La Pantera’s colourfully eclectic bistro.  Like the décor, the menu too maps his personal wanderings and tempers the sublime with the fiery.

La Pantera Negra reflects the raw energy and anarchy of its neighbourhood and channels it into something unspeakable beautiful. Sounding like an anti-establishment veteran, Katrivesis declares, “My goal is to provoke fireworks,” and we can confirm, he does!

Insider recommends: Leche de la pantera negra, sea bass marinated in citrus and broth black Peruvian corn, smoked sweet potato, black quinoa, onion and fresh coriander bursting with fragrance, Bao bans with caviar and smoked butter and, Tiradito sea bass with crispy sweet potato cubes, minced grapes, fresh coriander and crunchy  yuka crisps. And of course, pisco-based cocktails throughout the day.

Insider tip: Book ahead for a Sunday brunch.

Kalogrioni 6, Plaka. Tel: +30 213.036.4214,

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