Sin for Your Supper

Sin for Your Supper

For brothers Vangelis and Vassilis Sotiropoulos, the roadblocks in seeing their dream project through – a gourmet gastro-pub housed in a beautiful neo-classical building – were many. But they persevered, through capital controls, (the restaurant opened in August 2015) navigating through mountains of paperwork to get all the requisite licences to operate 7 Food Sins in an heirloom house in the Plaka district.

Housed in a handsome two-storey building that spills onto the charming Filomousou Etairias square, the team at 7 Food Sins believe that taste plays a primal role in memories and emotions. Why Food Sins? Apparently there are commandments for how one should partake of food too and the 7 sins one could be guilty of include being gluttonous, to envy the food of one’s neighbor, eat savagely with bare hands, to spoonfeed someone, to let powerful flavours get the better of you and to stuff your mouth too much!

An invitation to walk into 7 Food Sins is clearly a lure to a different kind of purgatory and the only punishment is the promise of sinfully good, finger-licking food. Internationally-acclaimed chef Tassos Stefatos is the creative spirit and inspiration behind 7 Food Sins’ innovative menu while it is the young and talented Vassilis Fotos who helms the kitchen to fulfill all your guilty cravings. So if your idea of street food is greasy hamburgers, limp hot dogs and vromiko, you’ve obviously never encountered the purist team at 7 Food Sins.

The fish at the restaurant are supplied daily by a trusted fisherman in Rafina and Fotos builds their recipes around the catch of the day. The menu here boasts of organic, free-range, oak-smoked iberico pork souvlaki with a home-made ketchup chilli sauce, a sculptural, ink-black fish and chips with a perfect crust and a buttery soft centre, a trilogy of burgers, and a clever twist on that Greek staple – crunchy moussaka. The Greek on Grill is a deconstructed, barbecued version of the regular horiatiki salad, while the Souvlaki Inside-Out is the concept of a wrap turned on its head with the filling serving as the cover!

In keeping with its ‘pubby’ character, the rooms of the restaurant are named after different kinds of beer: Lager, Stout, Trappist, Pils, Weiss, Lambic and Ale! Each of the rooms have a private, cozy character that you can book exclusively for a group of friends. 7 Food Sins serve 8 different draft beers, an extensive list of beers from the world over,  and an exhaustive wine list from Greek and international vineyards.

Are you ready to commit at least one food sin?

7 Food Sins | Gastro Pub, Filomousou Etairias Sq. 1, Plaka Tel: +30 210.701.1108,

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