Room Service with a difference

Room Service with a difference

For the sixth week running, the Onassis Foundation’s digital channel on YouTube presents archival productions of plays, dance performances, Greek tragedies and poetic encounters.


On Friday, May 8, at 21:00, the frenetic farce Room Service by John Murray and Allen Boretz, directed by Ektoras Lygizos, which premieres live on YouTube, while on Sunday, May 10, “a comedy, at times a farce”, as described by its author, takes over YouTube Live: “The Cherry Orchard” by Anton Chekhov, fondly directed by Nikos Karathanos and enacted by talented actors. On Wednesday, May, 13, at 21:00, we give in to the imagination of the widely traveled film by Onassis scholar Konstantina Kotzamani, Yellow Fieber. A YouTube live premiere, in which Athens is covered by a yellow dust and turns into a forest of palms.

Until May 14 you can watch Aris Biniaris’ show that “plugs” the Bacchae, with rock music electrifying Euripides’ words; until May 16 XENOS by Akram Khan, the last solo performance in the career of the great choreographer, along with a stellar creative team; while the intercultural Trojan Women by Euripides from the Ancient Theater of Delphi, uniquely directed by Theodoros Terzopoulos, will be available until May 17.

From Friday, May 8, Kiriakos Hadjiioannou accompanies us to an adults-only, multi-modal performance, an “ode” to eros or whatever remains of it in troubled times, with his Erotikon / Higher States, part 3. Georgia Spiropoulos is inspired by the word “λάθως” (lathos: in error), written on the walls of Athens, and presents eror (The pianist), in a city without people, where the only survivor is a pianist who repeats that same word over and over again.

Erotikon ©Giounanli

If you wonder how virtual our reality is and what stories are worth being told, watch Mixed Realities, the documentary created by Stegi for the masterclass that took place at the end of 2019 in collaboration with the New Museum, New York. If, on the other hand, you wonder how many students are needed to shake a stage, watch the documentary for Dancing to Connect, in which teenagers from schools at Kalamata speak with their bodies, dance with their hearts, and come together through a dance that is as daring as themselves, in March 2020 at the Kalamata Dance Megaron, a few days before the lockdown.

The Cavafy Archive keeps on immersing us into the unique world of the Alexandrian poet C. P. Cavafy, with the program Seven Poems, Seven Lessons, in which the analysis of one poem at a time (this week the poem “In The Month Of Athyr” is presented) turns to an in-depth discussion about Cavafy poetry, while at the Onassis Library the author Thanassis Triaridis analyzes how the concept of library evolves over time as a fundamental conception of Western civilization, accompanied by the narration of the actress Lena Papaligoura, in the lecture Mobilis in Mobile: The Library as a supreme monster of western imaginary.

©Yellow Fieber

Stefanos Tsivopoulos, in his short film We, Antigone, shows how Antigone is a figure beyond categorizations, a paradigm of resistance, spotlighting the life of a 25-year-old American. The film was presented in the context of the Onassis USA festival Antigone Now in 2016. In the same week, another myth will occupy us, that of Narcissus, in a podcast created for the Onassis USA festival Narcissus Now in 2015, with the Professor of Ancient History and Classics at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton Angelos Chaniotis speaking.

Last but not least, the Founding Executive Director of Onassis Los Angeles (OLA) and host of noted interviews at the New York Public Library for years, Paul Holdengräber, presents his conversation with the indisputable punk culture icon, musician and performer Henry Rollins, in the context of “The Quarantine Tapes”, namely his 20-minute conversations with various guests about how they experience the global pandemic and social distancing. 

©Yannis Soulis



Ektoras Lygizos, Room Service, by John Murray/Allen Boretz (with Greek and English subtitles)
Live premiere: Friday 8 May at 21:00 GMT +3

Nikos Karathanos, The Cherry Orchard  by Anton Chekhov (with Greek and English subtitles)
Live premiere: Sunday 10 May at 21:00 GMT +3


Konstantina Kotzamani, Yellow Fieber (with Greek and English subtitles)
Live premiere: Wednesday 13 May at 21:00 GMT +3

Available until 7 July 2020


Kiriakos Hadjiioannou, Erotikon / Higher States, part 3


Georgia Spiropoulos, eror (The pianist)


Paul Holdengräber, The Quarantine Tapes | Henry Rollins (with Greek and English subtitles)


Documentary, Mixed Realities (with Greek and English subtitles)


Documentary about Dancing to Connect 2020 (Kalamata) (with Greek and English subtitles)
Cavafy Archive, Seven poems, seven lessons “Going back home from Greece”
Onassis Library, Mobilis in Mobile: The Library as a supreme monster of western imaginary


Stefanos Tsivopoulos, We, Antigone (with Greek and English subtitles)


Onassis USA | Narcissus Now | Angelos Chaniotis  

Still on

©Stavros Petropoulos


Theodoros Terzopoulos, “Trojan Women” by Euripides (2018) (with Greek and English subtitles)
Available until Saturday 16 May at 21:00 GMT +3
Argyro Chioti, Vasistas, The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri (with Greek and English subtitles)
Dimitris Karantzas, The Waves by Virginia Wolf
Onassis Youth Festival (2019) Angelika Stavropoulou & Stefanos Achilleos (Cheek-Bones Theater Company) | DREAM ³
Dimitris Karantzas, Ρομπ/Rob by Efthimis Filippou (2018) (with Greek and English subtitles)
Argiro Chioti, Vasistas, Emata by Efthimis Filippou (2014) (with Greek and English subtitles)
Antigone in Ferguson, Antigone Now Festival, Onassis USA (2016)
Lena Kitsopoulou, Little Red Riding Hood – The First Blood (2014) (with Greek subtitles)
Aris Biniaris, Bacchae by Euripides (2018) (with Greek and English subtitles)
Onassis Youth Festival (2019) | A Few Square Meters | Direction by: Aris Laskos & Anastasia Giannaki | 1st & 2nd  Nea Filadelfia Vocational Colleges
Onassis Youth Festival (2019) | Green Line | Directed by: Martha Bouziouri & Erifili Yiannakopoulou | 1st Piraeus High School
Onassis Youth Festival (2019) | Summer Rain | Directed by: Vassia Attarian & Myrto Makridi | 41st Athens


Angeliki Stellatou, Stavros Gasparatos, Seven deadly sins  (2011)
Lenio Kaklea, Practical Encyclopedia. Detours (2019)
Akram Kan, XENOS (2018) Available until 16 May 2020 at 21:00 GMT +3
Patricia Apergi, Aerites Dance Company, Cementary (2017)
RootlessRoot, Kireru (2012)


Μedea Electronique, Echo and Narcissus (2018)
K.BHTA | ARTéfacts ensemble | Cohabitation (2013)
Klangforum Wien, Happiness Machine  (2019) (with Greek and English subtitles)
Lena Kitsopoulou, Rebetika: The Blues of Greece, Onassis USA (2019))
Tuned City (2018)
Blaine Reininger, Secret Concert (2018)


Marina Danezi, Scavengers Union (2011) (with Greek and English subtitles)


Giannis and Thanasis Antetokounmpo at the Onassis Stegi (2017) (with Greek and English subtitles)
Werner Herzog (2019) (with Greek subtitles)
Christina Karafyllia, the Onassis Scholar that solved two unsolved math problems (with Greek subtitles)
Guerilla Girls (2017(with Greek subtitles)
Daniel Mendelsohn, Narcissus Now Festival – Onassis USA, Podcast (2015)
Narcissus & Acting with Paul Giamatti and Vanessa Grigoriadis (2015)


Crafting The Future Part A’ (2019) (with Greek subtitles)
Crafting The Future Part B’ (2019) (with Greek subtitles)


Onassis Library: Space sounds and music (2017)
Onassis Library: The Attraction of the Unknown (2017)
Onassis Library “Elliniki Nomarchia” or “Hellenic Nomarchy” by an Anonymous Hellene, Italy 1806 (2017)
Onassis Library “Erotos apotelesmata”, Vienna 1792 (2016)
Dimitri V. Nanopoulos, From Enlightenment to ‘Enphotonment’ (2016)
Cavafy Archive: Seven poems, seven lessons, “In the month of Athyr” (2017)
Cavafy Archive: Organization and Access Policy Workshop “An Unsigned Watercolor” Part A’ (2019)
Cavafy Archive: Organization and Access Policy Workshop “An Unsigned Watercolor” Part B’ (2019)
Cavafy archive: Organization and Access Policy Workshop “An Unsigned Watercolor”  Part C’ (2019)
Cavafy archive: Daniel Mendelsohn in conversation with Dimitris Papanikolaou (2014)
Cavafy archive: The Cavafy Archive and the literary scene of the Interwar Period (2019)
Cavafy archive: Cavafy goes to school (2020)
Cavafy archive: Cavafy International Summer School (2019)


Visual Dialogues 2013


Paul Holdengräber, The Quarantine Tapes | William Gibson (2020)
Paul Holdengräber, The Quarantine Tapes | Maira Kalman (2020)
Simon Critchley on Looking at the Contemporary World Through the Lens of Punk, Greek Tragedy, and Humor At a Distance (2020)


Onassis Symposium: The Role of the Artist in Society (2016) (with Greek and English subtitles)



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