René Habermacher’s Stunning Exhibition “NEW DIGS”

René Habermacher’s Stunning Exhibition “NEW DIGS”

WHAT’S ON: Acclaimed artist Rene Habermacher introduces his first solo exhibition, “NEW DIGS,” at Space52 in Athens. Departing from traditional media, “NEW DIGS” offers a multidisciplinary exploration of photography, sculpture, drawing, sound, text, and mixed media. Habermacher’s work navigates contemporary gender discourse, Ancient Greek culture, and non-European traditions, interweaving diverse narratives across all topographies. Join us for the opening reception on June 14th to engage with Habermacher—along with other thinkers and writers—to discuss the work’s themes in depth.

WHEN: June 14 to July 2, 2024

WHERE: Space52, Larnakos 28, Athens


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