Queen Bee: Kolonaki’s new hive

Queen Bee: Kolonaki’s new hive

Queen Bee

Panagiotis Kalyvas, of Capanna and Kolonaki Kalamaki fame, opens an all- day hangout and it has Athenians making a beeline for it! Disrupting the city’s bistrot scene, Queen Bee introduces a game-changing bakehouse that directly connects Athens with downtown New York & Paris.

Artisan house-made sourdough breads, hand-picked quality ingredients and the feel-good philosophy of straightforward, hearty, comfort food with a side of je ne sais quoi. Finally, the breakfast & brunch this city was entitled to. Lunch, dinner and cocktails too.

Patriarchou Ioakim 45, Kolonaki. Tel. +30 210.720.9933

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