Meta: Infusing life into decomposed nature

Meta: Infusing life into decomposed nature

Most of us us would have swept away autumnal leaves being shed by stubborn indoor plants without a second thought. Kanella Arapoglou thought otherwise, painstakingly embroidering each of them with colourful strands, lending new life to something that was in decay. Her friend, the talented photographer Manos Chatzikonstantis, decided to capture these woven leaves into stunning images. The result: a meditation on life. Just as decay and decomposition mark the end of an old life, it provides new material for new life.  Meta, at DepoDerm, is an exhibition that stands out not just for its crossover of media, but for its premise of regeneration, which we so sorely need!


What: Depo Darm Contemporary Art Space presents méta, a collaboration by Kanella Arapoglou and Manos Chatzikonstantis. The two creators worked independently from one another, utilising their respective artistic tools. The outcome is a series of photographic works themed around transition, the nature of time and personal memory.

Kanella Arapoglou has encompassed embroidery into her visual language, using traditional techniques, with unexpected and subversive results that question stereotypes. Manos Chatzikonstantis employs photography on a personal level by attempting to understand and map memories and imperceptible occurrences.

Their collaboration began through Kanella’s idea to creatively intervene in the leaves, untimely falling off one of her plants. These ephemeral works acted as a trigger to Manos, who, observing them over time, recorded their transition to a subsequent state. This exchange, the dialogue between the two artists that resulted in their collective works, manifested a meta-collaboration of sorts, an amalgam of techniques.

When: Until December 30

Where: DEPO DARM Contemporary Art Space, Iroon Skopeftiriou 54 – 56, Kaisariani 1

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