Memories of a Greek Summer

Memories of a Greek Summer

Anamnesia is just one of those boutiques that will make you grin, tongue firmly in cheek – even as you wave goodbye to loved ones at the departure terminal.

A cool, Greek brand that oozes wit and takes the cringe out of souvenir shopping, Anamnesia, as its name suggests, promises to keep the memories of a Greek holiday alive.

Greece has always been a classic holiday destination of choice. But Greek souvenirs? They were a whole different ball game. At best, a tacky affair – feeble attempts at reminding holiday-makers of their stay.  An imitation island dome. Novelty ouzo bottle. Or at worst, a bronze statue of Pan strutting his stuff.

Anamnesia stepped in to disrupt that perception with a funky first store in Mykonos and now, a swanky new space at the Athens Airport, sporting a range of utterly-irresistible take-away gifts that are quintessentially Greek in spirit (an apron that deconstructs a Greek salad; a squad of rather bemused-looking squid on a cushion cover), but still universal in their humorous appeal.

The majority of the items have been exclusively designed for Anamnesia by a crew of extremely-talented Greek designers, so don’t expect to pick up these quirky creations elsewhere. Whether you want to make a cool style statement, flaunt your globetrotting credentials, or simply improve your rep as a “good gifter”, look no further than Anamnesia.

Mataogianni, Myconos, Tel: +30 228.907.9171, Athens International Airport, Departure Terminal, Tel: +30 210.353.3104

Museum of memories

The Anamnesia boutique at the Athens International Airport packages Greek memories with humour and high aesthetics

Around the world in a kaiki

The kaiki table mat, dresses up your dreary winters and transports you back to the azure of the Aegean

Bring alive your tastebuds

Aprons adorned with the briny aftertaste of Greece’s famed olives or the explosive flavours of its elementary yet immensely satisfying sun-drenched Greek salad

Carrying your memories on your back

Little tote bags with memories of a languorous tavern meal etched in memory or of suppressing a giggle while gawking at stern-faced tsoliades

Greek mascots

Pouches with motifs of two of Greece’s favourite island creatures: the ubiquitous donkey and by far the most popular fish of choice, the fagri ( sea-bream)

Dive into the big blue

Octopus and Starfish Cushion covers that lull you with memories of sea spray and salty meltemis

Ftou, ftou, ftou

Ward off the evil eye armed with a garlic motif bag and remember to inform the mermaid that Alexander the Great still lives!

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