Goût de France 2018

Goût de France 2018

WHAT: The World’s Greatest Simultaneous French Dinner is back on the table this week with chefs from around the globe sharing the great pleasures  of gallic gastronomy for Goût de France 2018.

Greece says a hale and hearty “oui” to French food as the country goes all out for Goût de France (Tastes of France) – an annual global tribute to the magnificent cuisine of France.

Eighty-three restaurants and 2,000-plus chefs around the country will participate in the gastronomic event that’s shared between the Greek capital Athens (Attica) and Greece, Thessaloniki, but also in other provincial cities such as Corfu, Chania (Crete), Larissa (Thessaly), Lindos (island of Rhodes), Messolonghi (Etolie-Acarnania), Patras (Peloponnese) and Portaria (Pelion).

The popular gourmet gala, which debuted in 2015, takes its inspiration from 1912, when Auguste Escoffier initiated “Epicure’s Dinners”: the same menu, the same day, in several cities of the world and for the greatest number of guests. Goût de France is in the spirit of this marvelous idea, with the will to associate all categories of restaurant to the four corners of the world.

WHEN: Wednesday, March 21.

WHERE: Participating restaurants around Athens and Greece.

For a full list of participating Tastes of France restaurants in Athens, visit HERE

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