Eleusis 2023 – Mystery_177: Visions from the Underworld

Eleusis 2023 – Mystery_177: Visions from the Underworld

What: Inspired by the Eleusinian Mysteries, secret religious practices held in Elefsina during antiquity to honour the goddess Demetra,the festival’s cultural agenda is built around three thematic axes: Environment, Labour, and People and Society, and includes 130 artworks, 465 events (Mysteries) in 30 different city sites, by 192 Greek and 137 international artists from 30 countries.

Borrowing elements from the Eleusinian Mysteries, Visions from the Underworld, curated by The Agprognostic Temple (Dome Wood & Sam Steverlynck), uses both myths and facts behind the Mysteries as its starting point, mirroring the themes and motifs behind the Eleusinian Mysteries such as the cycle of death and rebirth, fertility and mortality, and initiation rites and rituals.

Visitors are guided through a fantastical structure that draws its codes from both ancient ruins and post-apocalyptic architecture. It is a passage into the underworld and back into modern reality – sprinkled along the way with artworks that draw a powerful connection to the Eleusinian Mysteries.

When: Until April 8, 2023

Where: X-Bowling Art Center, 12 Charilaou, Elefsina, 192 00

+30 210 554 7646, 2023.eleusis.eu

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