AthensCon 2019

AthensCon 2019

WHAT: Action hero geeks unite! AthensCon 2019 touches down at the Faliro Olympic Indoor Hall over an action- packed weekend in November, bringing comic book culture centre-stage and uniting pop culture geeks of all ages. Meet international writers and designers revered for their work on famous franchises from DC, Disney and Marvel. Gorge on free-play new video games and board games, or pick up a new creative skill at specialist seminars. Star guests this year include Marvel writer and X-Men creator Chris Claremont who’s penned some of the best-selling comic books of all time, Deadpool’s Stefan Kapicic and Watchmen writer and artist David Gibbons.

WHEN: November 30 – December 1,from 10.30am to 10pm

WHERE: Tae Kwon Do Stadium

Palaio Faliro|Tel: +30 210 963 6489|Website

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