Andreas Lolis Showcases “Prosaic Origins”

Andreas Lolis Showcases “Prosaic Origins”

WHAT: Andreas Lolis, sculptor virtuoso, is a master of transformation. An unorthodox artist, he turns even the most mundane, abandoned objects into impressive statues. Lolis’ exhibit “Prosaic Origins,” curated by Nayia Yiakoumaki, will feature sculptures fashioned from cardboard boxes, ladders and planks of wood as part of NEON’s CITY PROJECT 2018. The historic British School at Athens, known for its classical architecture, will host and complement the exhibit, which draws on the western idealization of classical Greek heritage.

WHEN: September 12 – November 14

WHERE: British School at Athens

Souidias 52, Athina 106 76, Tel. +30 213.018.7700

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