Ancient Chinese Science and Technology 

Ancient Chinese Science and Technology 

WHAT: Admire 90 different objects from the ancient Chinese civilization such as astronomical instruments, plows and early seismographs.  On loan from the China Science and Technology Museum of Beijing, the exhibition covers discoveries, Chinese innovations and aims to highlight the culture’s remarkable achievements across many different scientific fields.

Visitors can also watch demonstrations of papermaking and ancient Chinese rubbing techniques as well as participate in a hands-on display of traditional Chinese printing methods. Children, meanwhile, can learn basic weaving.

WHEN: Until April 29. Open daily and weekends (10.00 -18.00) and Thursday (10.00-20.00).

WHERE: Herakleidon Museum

Apostolou Pavlou 37 and Herakleidon 16, Thisseio, tel: 30 210.346.1981,

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