Monika – Something is Blooming at Herodion

Monika – Something is Blooming at Herodion

Photo credits: Stefanos_Papadopoulos

WHAT: The Odeon of Herodes Atticus will don the colours of a lovely Greek garden for this unique album release concert. Monika will premiere her new Greek-language album; an album she has been working on for more than ten years, taking care of it as if it were her own little garden. The fruit of this collective effort is now set to ‘bloom’ at the heart of the Odeon before a live audience. In the popular singer-songwriter’s own words: “There’s nothing better than feeling the memories of music you have loved in the past stirring inside you when you hear something fresh and brand-new”. Joined by her orchestra and a youth chorus, and using traditional instruments such as mandolin and harp, Monika takes us on a journey back in time and all the way to the present.

WHEN: 20-21/07 at 9 pm

WHERE: Odeon of Herodes Atticus

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