It’s Take Your Dog to the Museum Day

It’s Take Your Dog to the Museum Day

Celebrate World Stray Animal Day at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMΣT) with your furry friends. Come in between 11 am and 2 pm on Sunday, 2 April to have an pawsome day at the Museum! Organized jointly with the Municipality of Athens, the idea is to raise awareness and to encourage the adoption of strays.

Pets and their owners are welcome to visit the museum free of charge to view the exhibition Modern Love (or Love in the Age of Cold Intimacies), as well as the other exhibitions currently on view in the museum. The event is being organized by “Socrates Shelter”, a temporary shelter for homeless dogs, funded by the Urban Fauna Department of the Municipality of Athens, with the aim of encouraging the adoption of stray dogs and spreading awareness about the plight of stray animals. The organization is dedicated to the welfare of stray animals in Athens, the improvement of their condition and the fostering of human-animal bonds through adoptions, reunification and education.

Illustration by Daniel Egneus for Athens Insider, 2018

The Department of Urban Fauna of the Municipality of Athens is responsible for the gathering, medical care, feeding and treatment of stray animals living or located within the boundaries of the municipality. One of the pillars of the department is the “Socrates Shelter”, which began operations in 2021. The space is more than just an animal shelter. It is a place where dedicated professionals and volunteers share their commitment, passion and talent to help the animals and people of the municipality so that:

Every stray animal can be adopted and find a home.
Every lost animal can be reunited with its guardian.
Every lost animal is treated with kindness and respect.

EMΣT is the only art museum in Attica that welcomes our four-legged friends!

If you’d like to adopt, a few puppies currently hosted at “Socrates Shelter” are looking for their new forever families.

Entrance is free from 11.00 to 14.00 for all those who visit the Museum with their pet.

We are sure that all our furry friends will be on their best behaviour!

Pet-owners should be aware that:
1. Female dogs in heat are not allowed entry.
2. All dogs must be close to their guardians at all times and on a leash (no flexi leads).
3. Necessary accessories: Your pet’s health booklet and waste bags in case of an “accident”.

Urban Fauna of the Municipality of Athens and the “Socrates Shelter”

More information about the activity of the Urban Fauna of the Municipality of Athens and the “Socrates Shelter”:

facebook: ΑστικήΠανίδαΔήμουΑθηναίων/Animals City of Athens

Instagram: Animals_City of Athens

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